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Dear Bowen Practitioner

Thank you for wanting to join the Bowen Hub practitioner's register. 

The register has been created for your benefit - clients seeking your services, and coming to light more recently, therapists wanting to meet up with fellow therapists.

It is open to all qualified Bowen therapists worldwide.

I hope that you enjoy this feature and ask that you contact me immediately if you think this register is being abused or misused in any way. 

Yours in Bowen

Gus de la Querra

I am not charging for this service cause I'm a nice guy.

So if you're feeling nice too and appreciate what I'm doing - feel free to buy me a coffee! 

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Please note:

  • Your address will be visible to the public, so leave it clear if you're treating from home and initially would like to keep it private. If so, you would still be required to enter a town or city. 

  • If you are also Canine/Equine qualified: only complete one form but please add your Canine and Equine college together with your "human" college under "Bowen College". That way we'll know to enter your details under those individual registers. 

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