The Bowen Technique

Bowen Unravelled The Bowen technique

Bowen Unravelled. A journey into the fascial understanding of the Bowen technique.

Julian Baker, 2013

The Bowen Technique, named after its originator Tom Bowen, has grown hugely in popularity since it was first taught in the 1980s. Known for its simplicity and key signature features such as its short breaks between moves, the technique has been shown time and again to bring extraordinary results with very little pressure on the part of the therapist.

Unusually the founder himself seemed to know very little of the actual workings of his technique, calling it a 'gift from God', content to treat the thousands of people he saw without the need to understand too deeply the processes that drove his results.

Understandably numerous questions remain: 

  • How does it work?

  • Why is such light pressure so effective?

  • What are the factors involved in producing the results?

  • And what is the theory behind such a gentle approach? 

    This book breaks down the concepts of The Bowen Technique and develops an understanding of what is going on during a treatment, including explanations of why things happen the way that they do.

    Featuring the entire range of classical Bowen procedures, each move is explained in depth, covering such topics as the importance of understanding fascia and connective tissue and its key role in bodywork.

    The original work of Tom Bowen is enshrined throughout the book, an attempt to finally understand just what is going on when a Bowen move is performed. Baker explains clearly why deep pressure is considered detrimental to intelligent bodywork approaches and how every structure can be accessed without the need for pain for the client or tension from the therapist.

Using the Bowen technique

Using the Bowen technique - to address complex and Common Conditions.

John Wilks & Isobel Knight, 2014

The Bowen technique resets and repairs the body, restoring balance to relieve pain and improve energy. This book shows how it can be particularly effective at alleviating conditions that are renowned for being difficult to treat, as well as at enhancing performance in dance and other sports.

Covering lower back pain, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel, hayfever, asthma, diabetes (type 2), migraines, stress and tension disorders, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, palliative care, performance enhancement, and in pre and post-natal care, clinical case studies reveal Bowen technique in action along with detailed explanations of how and why Bowen is so effective for each of these different situations.

This is the perfect book for Bowen practitioners, and other complementary and alternative health practitioners and medical professionals wanting to know how and why the Bowen technique can help their patients, as well as patients interested in learning about what Bowen can do for them

The Bowen Technique

The Bowen Technique

Julian Baker, 2001

One of the earlier books written on the Bowen technique by Julian Baker.


If you have started training in the fascinating and effective Bowen Technique, got the bug and want to know more this book hits the spot. It quite responsibly does not give all the information you would receive in training, but it IS great as a reminder and reference manual. The pictures are clear and the language simple and easy to follow.

The therapeutic pause Bowen technique

The therapeutic pause in Osteopathy and Manual therapy

Louise Tremblay, 2015

A well researched and easy-to-read book on the physiological process/change that occurs during the breaks that are such an integral part of a Bowen treatment.

Will help you explain to clients the reasoning behind you leaving the room during a Bowen treatment. 

A must read for all Bowen practitioners. 

The Bowen technique inside story

The Bowen technique - The Inside Story

John Wilks, 2007

Written by a leading Bowen practitioner and teacher, this book is essential reading for anyone practising, studying or wanting to increase their knowledge of the Bowen Technique. It expands on John Wilks' previous book Understanding the Bowen Technique and covers:

Practical Explanations as to how Bowen works 
How to assess clients for the most effective treatment 
An in-depth look at the procedures working with mothers and babies 
Nutrition and after-care advice Understanding the relationship between practitioner and client

Bowen Therapy

Bowen Therapy - How to improve your health & life with the Bowen technique. 

Sarah Fredendell, 2016


Bowen Therapy For Beginners.

An Introduction to Bowen Therapy Understanding The Bowen Method

The Distinct Nature of Bowen Therapy

The Benefits of Bowen Therapy for Everyone

Bowen Therapy, ANS Disorders, Degenerative Diseases & Palliative Care Bowen Therapy for Mothers, Babies, Toddlers & Children.

Is It a Safe Approach for the Treatment of Nervous System Disorders? Ongoing Research for Bowen Therapy 

healing hands.jpg

Healing Hands: Unsung Voices Anthology, Thomas Ambrose Bowen, Osteopath (1916-1982) 

Shirley Strachan 


What was the world of Geelong's legendary Thomas Ambrose Bowen (1916-1982) really like? What do those who who flocked to him have to say about his talent to "fix them" when credentialed and envious others failed?

Step into Tom's time - the '40s to early '80s, brought alive by the memory of touch and his attentive, but

no-fuss presence. Meet his grateful patients and Rene Horwood, loyal clinic organiser and enduring ally to the end. There's Ron Garner, a forgotten co-mate till now who stops a while bringing gifts of White Magic.

Be surprised at what's in store and what three of his professional apprentices Drs.Neave, Smeeton and Ryan reveal about Tom's healing hands and the unsung finesse at the heart of his work. Former politician Rod Mackenzie, OAM shows us the parliamentary gates that opened to the cold, regulatory winds of change that robbed Tom of due recognition for his life's accomplishments.

With Heather, a daughter's insight; join sister Agnes in childhood and at the end for a forbidden cigarette. Finally, a second leg amputation courted by the cause of his untimely death. Healing Hands, Unsung Voices is a celebratory centennial anthology in memory of a gifted and exceptional human being.

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